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Does it matter how long I have been into photography?
Does it matter how many years I have been doing it?
Does my education matter?
Does something else matter?

Photography for me is individual particles of the universe
Trees, flowers and sometimes only a leaf existing alone in the white, empty space,

Each of my photos describes this world in a shortest and most comprehensive way
Photo for me is “a picture – a sketch,” which records the current state of a fragment of the world in the fullest possible way trying to create and convey the atmosphere of the moment.

Because of this, we can strongly feel simple, clean beauty of things that, in a moment, will not be the same because everything around us is constantly fading away
This is precisely the moment I capture in my photos
Photography is the shortest poetry in the world
It is full of life and specific while contemplative
Every moment becomes unique
A thought-out frame is the essence of the moment, pure thought
My photography is a style of thinking, feeling and perception
It is a simple delight over a ray of the sun, which clambered out from behind heavy clouds

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